Oxypetrol Steel Cutter

How does it work.
Works just like a standard Oxy Acetylene torch, but uses ordinary petrol as the cutting fuel. The cutting torch is simular to an oxy acetylene torch in appearance except is especially designed operate with liquid fuel

1 Litre Petrol = 2 kgs Acetylene. Savings of upto 90% can be made by using the oxypetrol cutter.

Cutting range
Can cut steel up to 300mm thick


Why Petrol?
Because it is safer

less expensive

performs better

is available everywhere


With our oxypetrol Cutter there is no increase in oxygen use, and the work gets done much faster.

Much higher flame temperature = Short preheating time thus you consumes less oxygen.

Cuts are clean because the petrol flame oxidizes all the steel in the cut.

The 100% oxidizing flame thus leaves no molten steel slag. Acetylene leaves up to 30% of the steel as molten slag which re-bonds.

1 Litre Petrol = 2 kgs Acetylene      

Well designed robust tank made of 2.5mm thick steel sheet, this tank is also very solid and durable.

Comes with or without a built in hand pump.

Pressure guage.

A fast flow check valve shuts off the fuel if the hose is cut.



Standard Package includes:

1 x cutting torch with cutting tips

1 x 10 litres explosion resistant petrol tank

10 meters armored petrol hose

1 x Handpump